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Often, PC users have a question - how to capture screenshots from the screen? To do this, press PrintScreen key on your keyboard and paste a screenshot into MS Paint editor. However, mouse cursor will not be shown on the screenshot. Also, this method is inconvenient if you need to capture multiple screenshots, without being distracted by unnecessary actions: opening the editor, pasting the screenshot, cutting the desired area of the screen, entering file name when saving.

For these reasons, for quick, auto screen capture, we suggest using ScreenMaster screenshot capturing program.

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ScreenMaster features:

selectProgram allows automatic screen capture at certain time intervals.

The desktop can be captured in several ways, either full screen, active window or a certain area 

Spy screen capture mode - silently captures screenshots without any indication in the taskbar or system tray!

Convenient menu in system tray

Choose a screen to capture from a multi-monitor system

Quick screenshot capture on a hotkey including "PrintScreen"

Ability to archive screenshots in a zip archive

Support for saving to shared network folders

Saving images in files with automatic numeric names or the addition of the creation time

Option to manually select the path and name of the screenshot after screen capture ("Save as.." request)

selectThe user can set ScreenMaster to run together with Windows and also to run minimized

Automatic opening of the captured screenshot in MS Paint

Start autoshooting after start application

Automatic cleaning of old screenshots

Limit the maximum size of the screenshots folder

User can configure the graphical format (BMP, JPEG, PNG) and the visual quality of the final captured image file

Common settings for all users or personal settings to each user

Logging event in a text file

An unregistered version of ScreenMaster has the some limitations

Auto screenshot capture with the specified time interval

Auto screenshot

ScreenMaster can automatically capture screenshots after a specified period of time. Depending on the settings, screenshots are automatically saved to the specified folder with names corresponding to the time of their creation or with addition of a serial number of the screenshot. You can save to a single file with overwriting.

Interval of periodic screenshot capture from 1 second to 1 hour.

During automatic shooting, timeline bar is displayed in the program window counting the time to the next capture:

Auto screenshot capturing


Convenient menu in system tray

ScreenMaster system tray menuScreenMaster system tray menu


Automatic screenshot file naming

Automatic screenshot file naming

Automatic screenshot file naming allows you to capture screenshots quickly, without being distracted by manual selection of the path and file name.

The folder to save screenshots and prefix of file names is set in the following fields:

Auto screenshot saving




Spy screen capture mode

HiddenMode screencaptureIn hidden mode, the program does not appear in Windows taskbar, and there is no icon in the system tray.
For automatic spy screenshot capture, in "Settings", customize the ways the launch and manage the program:

Setting for spy screen recording

With these settings, ScreenMaster runs in hidden mode when starting the operating system, and immediately after the program launches it starts to private computer monitoring. After downtime of more than 60 seconds, screen capture stops since nothing changes on the desktop and the pictures would be the same.

To switch the program between visible and hidden mode, press a combination of hot keys (by default - Alt-F2).

Attention! You must obtain the consent of the PC user to capture screenshots in hidden mode.

Silent installation: ScreenMaster_setup.exe /VERYSILENT

Two ways of exiting ScreenMaster hidden mode: 

  • Pressing the hot key combination. By default - Alt-F2.
  • By using Task Manager to disable ScreenMaster.exe process. Change RunVisible=0 parameter to RunVisible=1 in [Setup] section of Setup.ini configuration file. Run ScreenMaster.


Screenshot capture from the rectangular area, active window or the whole screen

Screenshot capture from the rectangular area, active window or the whole screen"Selected area" option allows you to capture a rectangular screenshot from a specified area of the screen. To do this, hold down the left mouse button and select an area to be captured. After selecting click OK or Enter, depending on the settings, and the image will be saved to file or copied to the clipboard.


Automatic cleaning of screenshots

ScreenMaster - Automatic cleaning of screenshots

Two functionsfor automatic cleaningof screenshots:

select Delete old files older than a specified number of days

select Limitation of space to store screenshots on the harddisk


Limitations of the unregistered version:

select Free trial period for the application is 30 days.

select The maximum number of screenshots captured in the automatic mode is 1000.