Screenshot Online features
Screenshot Online
SEASoft Screenshot Online a free application for making and sharing of screenshots in Internet online. A few seconds upon shooting a screenshot link shall be copied in the clipboard. Share the screenshots with your friends, colleagues, on Internet-forums and anywhere else.
select Selection of screen area for making a screenshot

Download Screenshot Online

Download Screenshot online
select Instant online-upload of an image in Internet
select A screenshot link in the Internet is automatically copied in the clipboard
select Saving of up to 100 screenshot links


By launching of Screenshot Online a following application icon shall appear in the system tray:

Screenshot online comm ok - server connection accomplished, you can make the screenshots online.

Screenshot online comm err - connection failed.

In the menu of a system tray on a program icon click the right mouse button and choose an option «Screenshot!»: 

Screenshot Online tray menu

Highlight a screen area that you want to download in Internet and press Enter or a button «Make a screenshot!»:

Screenshot Online select image for sharing


2-3 seconds hereafter in a tray near a program icon appears a message, indicating successful upload. A screenshot link shall be copied in the clipboard:

Screenshot uploading

Open the browser and in URL bar press a key combination Ctrl-V (insert from a clipboard). After the clickthrough your screenshot shall appear in the browser:

Screenshot online link