ScreenMaster is the software for automatic, quick screenshot capture


ScreenMaster is the reliable and powerful application which allows the easy screenshot capturing of the desktop, active windows or specified parts of the screen. ScreenMaster supports the mode of automatic screenshot capturing.

ScreenMaster is useful application for IT-specialists, technical support experts, developers of various instructions, and those who actively work via the Internet, are active on forums or create the websites.

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Features of the ScreenMaster:

Auto screenshots capture - capturing interval from 1 second to 1 hour.
Screenshot capture from a specified rectangular area of the screen, active window or the whole screen 
Support of the multiple monitors
Quick screenshot capture by user-defined hotkeys, including "PrintScreen"
Support for saving to shared network folders
Saving images to the files with automatic numeric names or with the addition of the creation time
Option with the dialog "Save as..." to selecting the path/name of the screenshot after the every capture
Automatic opening of the captured screenshot in the MS Paint 
Running an auto screen capture after launching any other application
Automatic cleaning of the old screenshots
The limit of the maximum size of the folder with screenshots
Screenshots can be saved as BMP, JPEG or PNG files
Every events are logged to the text files
Compatibility with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP - both 32- or 64-bit systems
 Main window of ScreenMaster - tool for automatic and spy screenshot capture

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Menu of ScreenMaster - application for automatic and stealth screenshot capture


Fast Desktop Recorder is the free software to record video from the computer screen

Fast Desktop Recorder 

Fast Desktop Recorder is the absolutely free software to record video from the desktop. Application allows to record the whole screen or selected area. The captured video can be saved to the AVI format.


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Fast Desktop Recorder - free desktop recording software
 Features of the Fast Desktop Recorder:
select Recording video using any codec installed in the system
select Captures the entire screen or any selected region
select Saving video in the AVI format
select Video capture with using the command line
select Timer to automatically stop video recording
select Support of the hot keys
select Compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, XP
select Fast Desktop Recorder is the absolutely free!