Fast Desktop Recorder features
Fast Desktop Recorder
Fast Desktop Recorder is a simple to use software which allows you to video capture the desktop activity and save it as an AVI file. The software allows you to record the desktop in fullscreen mode or just in a custom selected area. You may easily select the desired area, by manually drawing a rectangle frame.
Simple to use recording application
Fast Desktop Recorder features a straight-forward interface which enables you to easily select one of the available recording modes: fullscreen or area. The selected option is marked by a red border. If you choose the fullscreen option, you may start the video recording immediately, however, if you pick the specific area option, you need to define it first. Simply drag the corner of the rectangle until the frame fits the size and position you wish.
Fast Desktop Recorder - free screen recorder
Fast Desktop Recorder - free screen video capture software
The details of this area are displayed in the information window, which can be shown or hidden, according to your preferences. It indicates the size of the frame and its position on the desktop, as well as the encoding method, movie duration and frame per second. The Information window displays the number of frames which are captured in the video, as well as those that failed to be captured.
Several customizable options
Depending on the videocodec you choose for the recording, the image quality can be higher or lower and the capturing process can be more or less effective. You may manually set the video quality, which influences its size, frame rate or preset duration. Moreover, you can set its priority, to other system processes, which directly affects the amount of resources dedicated to it. Additionally, you may choose to minimize the software’s interface once the recording starts.
Fast Desktop Recorder - setup video capturing tool
Share your desktop activity
Whether you play a photo slideshow, operate a complex program or create video presentation, Fast Desktop Recorder can record your desktop and save it as an AVI file.