ScreenMaster - History of changes

2.10 (Jun 11, 2019):
* Added ability to use templates for folder pathname
* Added option to start single or automatic screen capture when third-party application launches
* Added option to separately save screenshots from different displays
* Added option to copy file of the screenshot to clipboard
* Added option to confirm the close of the ScreenMaster
* Reworked the appearance of the Settings tab
* Fixed issue with non full size screen capture when using display scaling in Windows 10
* Removed the option an automatic creating the subfolders for each day
* Canceled check a folder availability during entering the path
* Removed saving screenshots to ZIP archives
* Other changes and bug fixes

2.9 (Sep 18, 2016):
* Automatic capturing of the selected screen area
* Improved menu appearance in the system tray
* Events are displayed in a drop-down list
* The bug observed when running the application on a PC with three or more monitors has been fixed
* The bug of auto-capturing when the images folder is temporarily unavailable has been fixed
* Other minor changes

2.8 (Oct 3, 2015):
* Auto removal of older screenshots option added
* Maximum directory size with screenshots option added
* Number of screenshots limiting option deleted
* Minimize the ScreenMaster window at the beginning of automatic shooting option added
* Screenshots store method selection option added in the system tray menu
* Fixed: During automatic shooting the PrintScreen button did not work, if it was set as a hot key

2.7 (Feb 21, 2015): 
* Multiple monitors support
* Selection of system settings - Personal (for each user) or Global (for all users)
* Tab "Events" deleted. Event Viewer is now open by clicking the "Browse" in the tab "Settings"
* Critical program failure after capturing 5-10 thousand images is fixed
* Added Deutsch localization
* Fixed minor bugs

2.6 (Nov 24, 2012): 
* Added option - Create a subfolder for each day (at auto screenshots)
* Location of log and configuration files changed to the system directory (Application Data)
* Changed some of the default settings when software first start
* Improved stability under Windows-limited user

2.5 (Oct 13, 2012):
* Automatic processing of localization files *.lng
* Added Slovenian localization
* Fixed minor bugs
* New application icon

2.4 (Jun 2, 2012):
* Added function to capture a rectangular region of the screen
* Added check for program updates on the web-site
* Added tooltips in taskbar when the screenshot is captured
* The menu item was added to quickly select the capture region
* Added Ukrainian localization

2.3 (Apr 5, 2012):
* Support UNC-paths (network path)
* Added automatic check path for availability when you enter the folder path
* Ability to suspend automatic screenshots when the user idle
* The tray menu commands have been added start-stop auto screenshots
* Fixed some bugs with the logged event and save the settings
* Fixed minor bugs

2.2 (Feb 24, 2012):
* Method manually entering the file name replaced by a standard save dialog box
* Fixed: MS Paint is not opened if the path of the screenshots has gaps
* Fixed: web links on some buttons

2.1.5 (Feb 5, 2012):
* Changed the home site of the ScreenMaster:

2.1 (Jan 12, 2012):
* Fixed some bugs
* PrintScreen button can be set for screen capture.
* Auto-open screenshots in MS paint.
* Fixed: if you save a file error occurred, then turned off automatic shooting.
* Added ability to save screenshots in the cycle in a ZIP-archive

2.0 (Nov 19, 2011):
* Completely reworked and improved interface
* Ability to auto-run program with Windows
* Saving the mouse pointer
* Change the hotkey combination
* Ability to back up files screenshots in zip-archive

1.3 (Oct 11, 2011):
* Fixed some bugs
* Stealth mode - no display in the taskbar and system tray. Switch on the button Alt-F2
* Sound when the screen shot
* Ability to limit the number of files when saving screenshots with the autonumbering
* Added ability to copy a screenshot to the clipboard
* Added saving files in PNG format

1.2 (Oct 4, 2011):
* Fixed missing the mark "/" in the name of the directory containing the screenshots
* Added ability to log events to a file "Log_ <year-month-day>.log"
* Added a screenshot file type (BMP or JPG)
* Added a setting to display the date and time of capture the screenshot
* Added a field taken: full screen or active window
* Added ability to enter a file name before saving the image (only for manual capturing)
* Added switch the interface language - English/Russian

1.1 (Mar 23, 2011):
* Minimize program to system tray
* Changing tray icon when taking screenshots
* The ability to on/off logging

1.0 (Sep 5, 2010):
* Release ScreenMaster 1.0